Monday, March 31, 2008

East Texas Hail Storm Damage Confirmations

I don't have any news stories for you on these but I have confirmed them with eye witnesses.


Longview, TX

It looks like there is some light damage in Longview, Texas but it doesn't look very exciting. There seems to be a concentrated area of light hail damage in the middle of town with an even smaller area of moderate to heavy hail damage at the core. To top it off, the damage is not in a very good part of town.


Sulphur Springs, TX

Sulphur Springs, Texas seems to have a reasonable amount of light to moderate hail damage but, once again, it ain't nothing special but it is legitimate hail damage.


Mena, AR

I just wanted to give you guys an update on Mena, AR. If you aren't already there, don't bother. The circus has started with the usual suspects hanging banners and immediately low-balling everything. The last report I heard out of Mena was that there are now over 10 places to get hail damage repaired in town and most of the shops are within sight of each other.


Georgia Hail Reports

I promise, this is almost certainly the last Georgia update. The word I'm hearing out of Georgia is that most of the hail damage in and around Atlanta is very spotty and localized with several small areas of decent damage. I'm hearing that State Farm only had less than 10,000 claims in the entire metro area last week. It seems you have to get over toward Gainesville to find the wide-spread damage and that is where all of the dent guys are grouped up. (Imagine that!)



If you find yourself running down I-30 for some of the East Texas or Oklahoma hail, do yourself a favor and check out the North side of Hope, AR. I heard a rumor there might have been a stray storm in that area last weekend.


Good Luck and BE CAREFUL!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Confirmed Hail Damage Reports - Macon & Gainesville, GA

I know, I know. I said I wouldn't post any more reports on the Georgia hailstorm reports but I just couldn't pass these two stories up. Hey, at least they aren't about hail damage in Atlanta!


Macon, Georgia hail Damage

I found this report out of Macon, GA with viewer images. If you go here you can read a very detailed account of the hailstorm damage in Haddock, GA.


Gainesville, GA

I ran across this story out of Gainesville, GA about the hail damage at the car dealerships. Take note of the fact he already has a bunch of brochures on his desk. (I wonder if these guys don't just collect our cards and brochures as trophies to display later.)

If you read the whole story it has some hail damage insurance claim numbers from Monday morning. I assume they are just for the Gainesville area.


OK, I promise that I probably won't report anything else out of Georgia unless I think it's worth reporting and change my mind.


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Monday, March 17, 2008

Confirmed Hail Damage Report - Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

I've got another hail damage report confirmation for you if you want to get out of the circus of North Georgia.

Hilton Head Island, SC

This report discusses the storms and as a picture of large hail from a viewer in Hilton Head Plantation.

More Georgia Hail Damage Confirmations

OK guys, I don't have much time this morning so I'll make this short and sweet. If you check out this page and go through all of the image slide shows you will see more confirmations of hail damage reports from the March 15th hailstorm in all of the following towns in Georgia.

Pendergrass, GA

Gainsville, GA

Jefferson, GA

Douglasville, GA

Talmo, GA

Winston, GA

Hoschton, GA

Arcade, GA

Alpharetta, GA

Lithia Springs, GA

Oxford, GA

Covington, GA

Rutledge, GA

Social Circle, GA

Conyers, GA

Free Home, GA

Hickory Flat, GA

These are all towns where people have sent in pictures of hail stones larger than quarter size. We don't, however, have any confirmations about damage at the public auto auction or at the police auto auction.

I'm not going to report anything else out of the Georgia storm. I think by now it's safe to say everything in the region is subject to having been hit. If you can't find work in that area you just haven't left the hotel room.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Columbiana, Alabama Hail Report

Here's your first sleeper of the year!

You might have seen this on the report but if it was there I missed it. I found this weather blog from a local TV station with some pics of golfball hail and a damaged car sent in by a viewer from Columbiana, AL.

I haven't seen anything else about this one. (Of course, I haven't looked real hard either.) Anybody heading across Alabama on their way to Georgia might want to swing through and check this one out.


Have fun!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Georgia Hail Damage Reports

OK, here's what I'm finding about the Georgia hail reports.


First - There are way too many for me to even try to keep up with them individually.

Second - All of the media outlets are talking about the tornados and that's all.


With that said, I found this news report with a slide show that basically verifies the hail reports on the North side of Atlanta. Honestly, I tried and can't keep up with all of the confirmations and semi-confirmations I'm finding.


I found this news story and this slide show of hail and storm pics.


These pics confirm the hail reports in:

Holly Springs, GA

Cumming, GA

Canton, GA

East Cherokee County, GA

Braselton, GA

Villa Rica, GA

Flowery Branch, GA

...and probably more that I missed.


It doesn't look like you will go wrong going to the Atlanta area.


Good Luck and drive carefully!

Arkansas & Louisiana Hail Damage Reports

I don't know if anybody cares any more about yesterday's hail damage reports from South Arkansas with all of the action in Georgia today but here is what I've been able to find out.


El Dorado & Smackover, AR

I'm hearing that Smackover is hit pretty good and the North side of El Dorado has some light damage. Unfortunately I can't get any kind of media confirmation on these reports. There isn't much in the way of local media and what there is doesn't update frequently.

I'm also hearing that the reports from Crossett and Hamburg are legitimate also.


Ruston, LA

Sorry guys but I haven't been able to confirm the hail damage report from Ruston but it did look good on radar when it came through.



It's tough to get any good info on the weekends and this one is no different. I know you guys are really interested in the reports coming out of Georgia right now and I'm checking on these even as I write this.

As always, I post things as I get them so check back often or subscribe and receive updates as they come. Till then...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mena, Arkansas Hail Damage Report

Well guys, it looks like the golfball hail report out of Mena, AR is legitimate. The word I'm getting is the storm hit the whole town. I'm also hearing that there was actually some legitimate golfball size hail in the storm.

I have heard one thing that wasn't too encouraging and it concerns insurance claims. It seems, at least this morning, there weren't as many claims as I would have expected there to be. I was asked not to give an exact number but I'll just say I would have thought it would have been higher.

I really can't tell you any thing specific about the severity of the damage, I've heard it all.

I can tell you it's already a circus. Good luck trying to get someone to talk to you on the phone.


Maybe the real season is finally here. We'll know next week :)

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