Thursday, January 31, 2008

Marissa, Illinois Hail Damage Report

We have a lot of new readers here this year. Welcome! I've been getting several emails about the same subject so I thought I would just write a post to answer this question instead of writing the same email over and over. The guys that have been hanging around for a long time know this but I wanted to restate it for you newer readers.


Guys, I may not be in the same industry as you but I watch the same reports you do. Yes, I saw the hail damage report out of Marrissa, IL. Yes, I have been checking all of my sources to try to verify the report. No, I have not been able to verify anything yet.


Look, I understand how it is this time of year. I'm just as ready to go to work as you are. I know everybody gets nervous this time of year, so do I. I just want to assure you that I'm not ignoring a report just because I don't post about it. I try to only report confirmations for the most part. If I have a confirmation of NO DAMAGE I will report those as well.


Here is what I know and think about the Marrissa, IL hail damage report. I do not know if there is damage there. I have, however, driven through there several years ago on a report and, from what I remember, it wasn't overly impressive. The whole area would have to be hit really good before I would even run it.


After watching reports and chasing hail for over a decade, I have learned to trust my gut. My gut instinct says the report was exaggerated. That is only a guess.


I appreciate every one of you guys and I don't have a problem with the emails. I just want everyone to know I'm here and watching just like you are. I'm also working on some updates and changes around here to improve the place.


Maybe we'll get something out of one of these storm systems today or tomorrow.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Corinth, Mississippi Hail Report

I just wanted to touch base real quick and let you guys know I have heard from two different people on the ground in Corinth, MS and the word is the hail damage report for that area was exaggerated at best and fraudulent at worst.

Absolutely no damage has been found in the area of Corinth.

Thanks to the guys who reported in about their dry run.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ridgeland, MS Hail Storm Damage Report Confirmed

This is the first report I've been able to confirm so far but it looks legit. I found this report from the newspaper in Jackson with the picture below of the hail from Ridgeland, Mississippi.



It's not huge but it's big enough and it looks like it has melted some. If you're not familiar, Ridgeland is on the north side of the Jackson, MS metro.


I'm looking for verification on the other reports and will let you know what I find.


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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Evansville, Indiana and Quincy, Illinois Hail Reports

I know you guys probably saw the hailstorm damage reports out of Evansville, IN and Quincy, IL just like I did. I just wanted to make a post letting you know that I haven't been able to find any kind of verification on these hail damage reports at all.

Any news stories at all are talking about flooding and wind so it doesn't look good right now.

All the stuff around Springfield looks really good but the news stories have all gone over to talking about the tornados. That's pretty normal for this type of storm.

Well, that looks like probably all we're going to see out of this round but if something else shows up I'll be sure to post it here.

If you did happen to find something in Evansville or Quincy you probably need to turn off your cell phone and keep your mouth shut ;)


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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Arkansas and Oklahoma Hail Reports

Bentonville, AR

I found a couple of news articles that kind of help unravel the mystery of the Arkansas and Oklahoma hail reports. This report out of Benton County, Arkansas discusses the local hail reports at the very end.


The hailstones ranged anywhere from penny size in Hiwasse to 1-inch hail in Siloam Springs and golf-ball-size hail in the Bentonville / Bella Vista region, he said.


It looks like a lot of small stuff in the area with Bentonville getting the worst (or best) of it.


Tahlequah, OK

This report out of Tahlequah, Oklahoma goes on and on about wind and tornados that never happened but never mentions hail at all. Tat's a pretty decent sign it didn't happen.



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Monday, January 07, 2008

Springfield, MO / Aurora, Mo Hail Confirmed

I didn't think it would take long. Some fine folks in the Springfield, Missouri and Aurora, Missouri area have sent in photos of the hail that fell in their areas.

These images are courtesy of KOLR TV in Springfield, MO. Everybody say, thank you.


These first two pics are from the north side of Springfield.



These next three were sent in from Aurora.


From the location of the first two pics, it looks like the entire north side of Springfield is probably hit pretty good. If memory serves me correctly, this is where it got hit the year before last.


From what I saw on radar, I would not be surprised to find a lot of widespread damage all over the Springfield area and extending up the I- 44 corridor.


Good luck! If you see me on the road, buy me a cup of coffee :)

Missouri Hail Damage Reports


Well, well, here we are in the first week of January and it looks like we might actually have some real hail damage. I've been watching the storms on radar (Still am) and they look like real hail producers.


The hail reports coming out of the Springfield, MO area look pretty promising but I haven't been able to confirm anything larger than quarter size yet. Of course, it's still very early.


I just wanted to make this post to let you know I was on the job and, as always, I'll post anything I confirm as soon as I know it.


You might want to go ahead and load the truck ;)

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