Friday, April 24, 2009

North Georgia Hail Damage Reports Confirmations

The hail storms that moved through northern Georgia, including the Atlanta metro area, yesterday evening and last night came at a bad time to get much in the way of picture confirmations from citizens but I have been able to find some. It is obviously very early in the game for there to be much in the way of storm damage reporting but my initial assessment of the Georgia hail damage reports is that most of them were exaggerated. The vast majority of pictures I have been able to find have shown pea to quarter size hail stones, and not very many of them. There were a few images of hail stones capable of producing hail damage to cars and those are listed below.

Mableton, Georgia
Douglasville, Georgia
Bethlehem, Georgia
Auburn, Georgia
(This is by far the best looking hail damage report so far.)
Cartersville, Georgia

As I said above, the hail damage report out of Auburn, GA is the most legitimate looking one so far. If I were going to run this storm, I would go straight to Auburn and skip the other stuff. You could easily waste three days looking around the Atlanta metro for damage that may or may not exist.

Of course, you should always do what your gut tells you and not put too much confidence in some anonymous guy from the internet. This is just my opinion based on the information at hand right this minute. It could change as more hail damage report confirmations come out.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Corinth Mississippi Hail Damage Report

I just wanted to give you guys an update on the hail damage report that came out of Corinth, MS from the Thursday evening storm line with this quick post. Basically the hail report from Corinth was bogus. Now, we all know that probably means someone got a little bit excited when they saw some dime size hail hitting the windshield of their car and thought it was huge.

I can report to you first-hand that I combed the area and did not find a single dent or any debris or other signs of a real hail storm. That's it for now. I'll let you know what other hail damage report information I come up with soon.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tennessee Hail Damage Reports Confirmations

This list of hail damage report confirmations is long and covers a very large swath of real estate. It took a couple of days to gather all of these confirmations from several different sources. I made notes as I went along as well as plotting the reports on my map also. I know you guys are used to me providing links to my confirmation sources but this time there were simply too many sources gathered over too long a time frame for me to keep up with so you are just going to have to take my word for it or do your own research but I guarantee you that each of the following hail damage report confirmations has been verified through either photos, video, or first person witness reports.

I have verified hail stones of a size capable of producing damage to cars and roofs at the following locations in Tennessee;

Tennessee Ridge, TN
Erin, TN
Linden, TN
Flatwoods, TN
Hohenwald, TN
Waynesboro, TN
Lawrenceburg, TN
Lewisburg, TN
Shelbyville, TN
Manchester, TN
Estill Springs, TN
Bell Buckle, TN
Cookeville, TN

I'm sure, like any good storm chaser, you have looked these towns up and seen that several of them are pretty small but if you plot them on your map you will also see that they are clustered together in groups. There are also several confirmations of hail damage in the rural county areas around and between these small towns. That's why they were included in this report.

You'll also notice I have not included Murphreesboro, TN in this report. I left them out because, from what I can see in the news reports, the whole town is considered a tornado zone with some significant damage. You are going to be hard pressed to get a report out of that area for anything not related to tornado damage. There is almost certainly some hail damage in the area and possibly in the town itself but there is no way to confirm it yet.

Be careful out there and keep those prices up. I'll be posting more hail damage confirmations as I get them.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

North Alabama Hail Damage Reports Confirmations

Well, it looks like the price of hail damage repair just went up!

There are so many hail damage reports with this round that I am going to post the damage confirmations as I find them in regional groups. I can tell you this for sure, there is a lot more damage out there than is on the reports so don't be afraid to think outside the box and do a little bit of old school storm chasing. You know, the kind where you plot the storm tracks on your map and then follow it looking for damage. There is going to be some hail damage out there that doesn't get found by more than a few people, try to be one of them.

These hail damage report confirmations are from North Alabama. I'm sure there are a lot more from this area but my desktop is getting full and I need to get some of these posted so, here goes.

Cullman, Alabama

Gadsden, Alabama

Madison, Alabama

Northern Alabama

I included that last one just for the hell of it. Like I said, I know there is a lot more hail damage that will be confirmed from this area but this is what I've got for the moment. I've got a whole string of hail damage report confirmations in Tennessee that I will be getting posted tonight so be sure to check back in later.

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