Friday, September 21, 2007

Fargo, North Dakota Hail Damage

We all knew it was legit, but here's the proof. This news story from channel 6 describes the baseball size hail on the south side and golf ball hail on the north side. Judging from the picture, that's some good hail!

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Dawson, MN Confirmed - Twin Cities Maybe

Dawson, MN

 We've got a confirmation of damage from the hail report for Dawson, MN. This article from The Independent in Marshal talks about vehicles and home siding being damaged in town.

 Twin Cities, MN

 I'm assuming you saw the reports for the Twin Cities area. The reports didn't look very good but I found this story from a TV station that had some pics with it. As you will see below some of this hail looks decent. The only problem is they don't say where it came from.

 So, there's the mystery. For all I know, the large hail could have come from Litchfield, MN, which I haven't been able to confirm yet.


Fargo, ND

I know that report out of Fargo looked good but, so far, I haven't been able to confirm it. None of the media outlets have updated this morning. Hopefully I'll have something on this soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Air Pollution Causes Larger Hail

 You are not going to believe this.

 In my constant quest to find info about hail storms or damage I ran across an article from AFP, that's the French News Agency. It quotes a bunch of Italian scientists who, in their super scientist wisdom, have determined that air pollution causes hail stones to be larger and hit the ground with more force.

If this were the case, wouldn't every major metro in the U.S. get pounded every year? We sit around praying for big, dirty air, metros to get pounded and watch it hail out in the boonies. Why does the part of the country with the cleanest air (The plains of western Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, etc.) consistently receive devastating baseball hail?

 This story is just another case of people believing anything just because someone in a white coat said so.

 You can read this poppy-cock here.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hail Damage News Update

I know there have been a few reports over the last week but I'm not picking anything up on them.

I found a few stories about the Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado hail damage and it looks like it was a pretty good storm. Good enough at least to get the auto insurance companies crying about all the money they're going to loose this year.

You can read the stories here, here and here.

I also found this account of the Durant, South Dakota hail storm over at OLTN Weather Updates blog. You should check out his blog for all of the pictures if nothing else.

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