Friday, October 26, 2007

Phantom Hail

I'm sure everyone remembers this awesome looking hail report from October 18th. I know I was exited about a good round of late season storms. The problem is they look to have been bad reports. It's impossible to prove a negative so I can't say there is no damage out there but I can say, if there is, no one is talking about it anywhere.


I have talked to hail guys, roofers and other bloggers and not a single person has seen or heard anything on any of it.


Sorry guys, the only thing I know of going on right now is; Fargo,ND, Minneapolis, KS, Amarillo,TX and a little bit in El Paso and Council Bluffs. I'm not saying that's all there is, I'm just saying that's what I've heard about and some of it is probably just about over. There may still be a few guys out in Pueblo and Colorado Springs but that should be down to clean up by now too.


It looks like this may be the end of the season unless something freaky happens (And we all know it can.)


I'll keep my eyes and ears open and post anything I hear as soon as it comes up.


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Friday, October 19, 2007

Heres Some Hail

 I don't have news stories for these but they are legit. I have confirmed them with people on the ground.


El Paso, Texas

 There is some hail damage in El Paso, Texas, mostly on the west side of town.


Minneapolis, Kansas

 There is definitely hail damage in Minneapolis, Kansas. Word on this storm is the cars are pretty hard hit.


Amarillo, Texas

 There is some scattered damage primarily on the west side of Amarillo, Texas.


New South Wales, Queensland, Australia

 If you're interested in international hail damage I've got a couple of stories out of NSW, Queensland, Australia. It seems to have been a big storm with some bad damage but the adjustments look like they are running high. You can read the stories here and here.


 Unfortunately nothing is showing up yet on any of the reports form yesterday or today. As soon as anything comes through I'll post it.


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