Wednesday, February 24, 2010

West Palm Beach, Florida Hail Storm Damage?

I've been searching through all of the local media reports about the hail storm in West Palm Beach, Florida and the surrounding areas and all I'm able to come up with so far is a resounding, maybe. In most of the local images being sent in to the media outlets, the hail is dime size at best.

If you look really closely in the following video you will be able to see some of the hailstones in the road. They look like they might be decent size but there just aren't very many of them. Look really closely when they roll down the window.

Here are the other images I have been able to track down. You can check them out here, and here . This is looking like a really small path of hail damage on this storm. I'm guessing that there is a very narrow path of large, damaging, hail mixed in with a widespread swath of small stuff.

I'll keep checking but at this time, it's looking like this one is not going to be a big deal.

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