Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fayetteville Tennessee Hail Storm Damage Confirmed

Well,it took some digging but I have been able to find several pictures of the hail stones from Fayetteville, TN and they are all definitely large enough to cause some very serious auto hail damage as well as plenty of roof hail damage on homes. This stuff looks like it is really hard and probably did quite a bit of damage. I would expect that there is going to be a damage path around Fayetteville as well. The rural areas around the cities in that part of the country are usually well inhabited and often hide some very nice subdivisions of luxury homes so don't be afraid to go out scouting for the storm path to see if you stumble on a hidden treasure.

You can check out a few of the hail pictures I found from the Fayetteville storm here, here, here and here. Here's a story about the storm from the local paper. This hail storm is totally legit.

I'm still trying to confirm something on that Shreveport, LA hail damage report as well as the Monroe, LA report. Nothing yet but if and when I do, I'll be posting here about the hail damage.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blanchard, Louisiana Hail Storm Damage Confirmation

We have gotten a good confirmation of hail stones capable of producing damage in Blanchard, LA. This storm was reported to have contained one inch hail but as you can see in the pictures, there was lots of hail up to 2" and we all know that stuff will leave hail dents in cars and some serious hail damage on roofs. Check out the pics yourself here, here, here and here.

If you don't know, Blanchard is a suburb of Shreveport, Louisiana. It is a few miles to the North and has a decent amount of population. This report goes well with the report of golfball hail in Shreveport but I haven't been able to confirm that one yet. But, if it's there, I'll let you know about it with another hail damage confirmation post.

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Gilmer, Texas Hail Damage Confirmed!

OK, I've been able to find a few pictures of the hail stones from Gilmer, TX and they are definitely large enough to cause real damage to a vehicle or home roof/siding. You can check out the pictures for yourself here, here and here. I'm sure there are plenty more pics out there but once I found these, I wanted to go ahead and bring this hail storm confirmation to you.

It looks like there is going to be some decent work out of this series of storms whether you are doing auto hail damage repair or home roofing repair and replacement. Remember though, just because it's the first of the year doesn't mean the prices have to be beaten to the ground. Sell quality, not price. That way everybody makes more money.


East Texas & North Louisiana Hail Storm Damage Reports

There are a lot of reports of hail storm damage starting to come in from east Texas and North Louisiana including the Gilmer, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana areas. At this point it is really hard to get any good information out of the area because there are almost constant tornado warnings being issued and that is just about all the local news stations are reporting on.

I did find a page of locally submitted weather images that show quite a bit of good damaging size hail stones. Unfortunately, no one told these folks to label their pictures with the location, so we don't have any idea where most of them are from. You can check out the gallery by clicking here.

Grand Saline, TX

Judging by the pics in the above gallery, it looks like there should be some damage in the Grand Saline, TX area.

Shreveport, LA

This is absolute speculation at this point and I hesitate to post it here but I will as long as everyone understands that it's purely a guess. Going off of the reports I'm reading and the images I've been able to find of the hail stones from these storms, It really looks like there is a good chance that the north side of the Shreveport, Lousiana metro area has a decent amount of hail damage. That part of town is widely varied in the demographics of the neighborhoods. Some of the subdivisions are very luxurious and some of the neighborhoods are actually 'hoods. Seriously, if you are checking this area out, be careful what you wander into.

If you decide to chase this storm this evening, be sure to be careful out there. There are several reports of trees and telephone poles down across the highways especially I-20 near the Loisiana - Texas state line.

I wont be running on this storm but I will be monitoring it closely to see how it develops. One thing is for sure, there will almost certainly be a lot of hail damaged cars out of this storm as well as a bunch of roof hail damage on houses all across the east Texas and North Louisiana area. It also looks like the hail damage area may easily stretch into Oklahoma and South Arkansas before the night is over.

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