Wednesday, February 13, 2008

East Texas Hail Storm Damage

I'm finding some news reports out of East Texas confirming the hail damage reports there last week. It looks like the Lindale and Bullard, Texas damage reports were legitimate. Actually, the reports sound like the damage may be a little on the heavy side.

I don't have a report with an insurance claim number but it looks like most of the insurance claims work is going to Tyler,Texas.

You can read the news reports for yourself. This story discusses the degree and amount of vehicle damage. Be sure to read the last paragraph where the body shop guy says the average insurance claim is running $3000 - $9000.

This story is out of Lindale, Texas and discusses the hail damage to the roof of two schools. It seems the damage is so bad the roofs leaked and did damage inside the buildings.

This story is out of Bullard, Texas. This is the obligatory article about the possibility of unscrupulous contractors. I love how they always act like the local roofing company could handle re-roofing the entire town.

This story is a collection of viewer pictures of the hail in Lindale sent in to the local TV station. These pics don't make it look too bad, mostly quarter to golfball and not too heavy to be fixed with paintless dent repair.

I know this is about a week late, sorry. This is, however, the only thing I'm picking up right now. I've gotten several questions about Tennessee but I'm not getting anything on the Tennessee or Alabama hail reports yet. I've heard there was some legitimate hail in Mississippi but I don't know exactly where.

That's what I've got. I'll post again when I have more.

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